Eating and drinking at bluegrass festivals

A group at the Telluride Bluegrass festival

Imagine a life without music. A life without those lively tunes that touch to the deepest of our souls. A life without music, especially bluegrass music would be incomplete. It is because of the quality that this music gives to our lives that we find it necessary to celebrate it. Bluegrass festivals are among the most treasured music festivals in the world that not only rekindle our love for music but nourish our interest for the same. Just like in any other festival, the bluegrass festival involves eating, drinking and merrymaking. Here is how to effectively combine good music, alcohol and good food for a perfect festival.

Eat light

The aim of being at the bluegrass music festival is to celebrate music and it is important to keep it that way to the very end. However, uncontrolled Eating can limit this. Make sure that you enjoy all the good food there is but do it lightly to avoid discomforts that may limit you from enjoying the festival such as indigestion and constipation. Remember that most of the time you will be on your feet and hence you shouldn’t give your stomach too much to do.
In addition, eating light at regular intervals will not only supply your body with sufficient energy but will also boost your appetite and enjoyment of the food.

Enjoy the alcohol

Some say that alcohol is the magic that magnifies our happiness and dulls our deepest sorrows. Well, if you think that’s true, then you should embrace the good alcoholic beverages available at bluegrass festivals. Imagine a mixture of good alcohol and the fine music flowing deep into your very self. Truly this will be a combination like no other, and when done right, you will wish that the festival lasts a lifetime.

Stay hydrated

In addition to eating, and drinking, it is important to remember that you need to keep fresh for you to keep track of the events. Staying hydrated will help keep your mind fresh and also it will help facilitate fatigue resistance. This way, you will be at the best position to dance, chat, sing and do everything else at the festival without getting any protests from your body.


The bluegrass festivals are the most treasured festivals especially for lovers of bluegrass music. It is here that they get live and close contact with their favorite stars and fellow fans and also enjoy bluegrass music to the fullest. At such a festival, there is plenty of good food and alcoholic beverages to support the festival. Moderation and a good balance of eating, drinking, and hydration will not only energize you but it will keep your body at the right shape for maximum celebration.